La imagen de los gitanos en el documental

DocRoms is a research project of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid which concerns the documentary representation of the Spanish Roma (Gitanos),

Our objective is to analyse the presence of Romanies within any given audio-visual format (film, advertising, television programs, videos shared on social networks, etc.) from an historical perspective. This work is framed within the field of Critical Romani Studies and proposes to reveal the colonial gaze projected over centuries onto what is currently the largest ethnic minority in Europe. Furthermore, the project intends to reclaim the central role played by Roma creatives in the deconstruction of ethnic and cultural stereotypes and, moreover, in the creation of new modes of representation.


The project is to last five years (2022-2027) and is financed by the Convocatoria Talento Investigador de la Comunidad de Madrid

(Ref: 2020-T1/HUM- 20231).